Tips for Falling Asleep with a CPAP

Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important not just for your health but because it also helps you feel good. When you sleep soundly it makes your body and brain function properly. Some lucky people have no problem falling asleep; as soon as they hit the bed it’s lights out. However, this is not […]

By chatterbuzz September 3, 2019

Celebrities with Sleep Apnea

With over 20% of Americans suffering from sleep apnea, it is clear that everyone, even celebrities, is susceptible to this disruptive condition. These people also include beloved television, movie, and sports stars as well as musicians. Wealth and fame mean nothing to sleep apnea and because of it some of our favorite stars live with […]

By chatterbuzz August 23, 2019

Common Sleep Disorders and Their Symptoms

Are you having trouble sleeping or experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness? You may have one of the common sleep disorders that plague millions around the world. According to Verywell Health, common sleep disorders include snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep behaviors called parasomnias, restless legs syndrome, circadian disorders, and narcolepsy amongst others. Common sleep disorders may be […]

By chatterbuzz July 23, 2019

The Importance of Sleep and How Much Do You Need?

We all know that sleep is important; if we don’t get it we’re cranky, we can’t focus, we’re irritable, etc. But what is the real importance of sleep?  We commonly seem to think of sleep as the time in which the mind and body shut down for the day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, […]

By chatterbuzz July 10, 2019