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Benefits of UV Light To Sanitize Your CPAP

When you’re prescribed a CPAP machine it’s usually to relieve some health concerns, like trouble breathing caused by sleep apnea. However, these medical issues may be exasperated or new ones may arise if you use the wrong CPAP cleaner, like the ones that contain harmful ozone. Ozone has been shown by the FDA to irritate […]

By chatterbuzz June 13, 2019
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The Best CPAP Disinfection Methods

This article on CPAP disinfection methods originally was featured on Sleep Review and was written by Dillon Stickle. It has been edited slightly. With the launch of a new ultraviolet light-based CPAP disinfectant, Sleep Review takes a look at the pros and cons of ozone versus UV light, as opposed to plain water and soap. […]

By Dillon Stickle May 22, 2019
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How to Recognize Indoor Air Pollution

Scientists have warned that air pollution can impact our health by causing problems like respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, but there’s been more attention lately on indoor air pollution. What is air pollution? Air pollution is a mixture of natural as well as man-made substances found in the air and is typically separated into two separate […]

By chatterbuzz April 26, 2019