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How do I use the Lumin?

The Lumin is a single button device. It really could not be any easier. First wipe the inside of your sleep mask and cushion with a wipe to remove any physical residue. If cleaning your humidifier water chamber, open the chamber and place in the drawer face up. If cleaning your mask, lay your mask in the drawer face up. Close the drawer and press the button. In 5 minutes the cycle is complete and your mask and water chamber are ready for use.

How often do I need to clean my accessories?

You should take care to maintain a proper cleaning schedule for your sleep machine’s accessories. 3B recommends that you clean your sleep accessories at least twice a week. A quick 5 minute cleaning cycle will ensure that your accessories are ready to use. In addition, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for continued care of your equipment to maximize the life of your machine, mask and accessories.

How does Lumin work?

Lumin works by emitting high energy light within a narrow spectrum referred to as UV. The Lumin relies on a low-pressure, mercury-arc lamp designed to produce the highest amounts of UV energy – where 90% of energy is generated around 254nm.

Which accessories does the Lumin clean? Will Lumin work for my accessories? (compatibility?)

The Lumin will clean any item that can fit in the drawer. It is designed to handle most sleep masks, hoses and water chambers*

*S10 water chambers must be separated before placing in the drawer. The hinge is very flexible and will pop out allowing it to separate.



Are there any supplies that need to be reordered?

No. The Lumin requires no replacement supplies whatsoever. The Lumin relies on a UV bulb that is rated to easily outlast the life of the device and should not require changing. In the event the bulb is damaged or does require replacement, low cost replacement bulbs are available directly from 3B Medical.

Will Lumin damage my sleep mask or accessories?

No. While long exposure times to UVC can weaken plastics and silicone, the Lumin cycle time is only 5 minutes. One year of daily use amounts to 30 hours of actual exposure time. In accelerated aging tests, 3B has validated no damage to plastics or silicone in over 150 hours of testing, roughly equivalent to 5 years of daily use.

Does Lumin neutralize the N95 mask and the other cloth masks?

Lumin has an irradiance output of over 1,100 mJ/cm2 in a single 5 minute cycle. The literature establishes a COVID-19 reduce dose of 60-200 mJ/cm2. We have commissioned a specific study from a private lab to test Lumin on N95 respirator decontamination. We expect to have those results back in 2 weeks and will post it, along with all other test results, at Lumin is lab tested to reduce both bacteria and viruses.

Does Lumin cause an odor?

UV light has no odor. The vast majority of Lumin customers experience no odor. If there is an odor it is likely similar to the smell of burnt hair. Household dust is 90% composed of dead skin cells. Skin, like hair, contains a sulfide molecule. UV cleans with high energy light. That process also frees the sulfide molecule in a skin or hair molecule. If your unit has an odor please wash thoroughly with a damp cloth using Dawn liquid detergent and dry with a paper towel. Run one cycle with the drawer empty and let the device sit overnight. Next day, your unit should have no odor. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to visit our Support page on our corporate website at or and fill out a Support Ticket or engage with one of our Technical Support techs via live chat or email during regular business hours.

What do I do if my device has an odor?

If your unit has an odor please wipe all 4 of the mirrored surfaces in the drawer thoroughly with a damp cloth using Dawn liquid detergent and dry with a paper towel. Run one cycle with the drawer empty and let the device sit overnight. The next day, your unit should have no odor. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to visit our Support page on our corporate website at or and fill out a Support Ticket or engage with one of our Technical Support techs via live chat or email during regular business hours.

Does Lumin come with a warranty?

Yes, Lumin is backed by 3B Medical’s comprehensive two year warranty.

Is Lumin covered by Medicare or Insurance?

No, at this point in time, neither Medicare nor private insurers are covering cleaning devices for equipment.

Can I pay for Lumin using an HSA or FSA?

Yes, Lumin is eligible for purchase under both HSA and FSA.

If I have any questions or need help, how can I contact the company?

The Lumin is manufactured by 3B Medical. Our Technical Support department can be reached by email, phone, generating a support ticket, or by live chat during business hours. To contact us, visit our corporate website at and click on the Support tab.

Where can I find the clinical lab studies that have been done on Lumin Wand?

You can find all of our studies at

When fully charged, how long will Lumin Wand Run?

Lumin Wand will run up to 120 minutes when fully charged.

How long do I have to hold the wand over the area I want to sanitize?

Lumin Wand is lab tested to kill bacteria and harmful germs in just seconds

The Lumin Wand bulb is covered by glass. I thought that UVC Light could not penetrate glass.

Lumin Wand offers the best of both worlds- the bulb is covered to keep it safe from breakage but it is not just glass, it is quartz. Quartz allows the UVC to pass through and retain its germ killing abilities!

Does Lumin Wand offer any safety features?

Yes! Lumin Wand offers 3 key safety features. Safety Start
The Lumin Wand requires the ON/OFF button to be held down continuously for 3 seconds. 2.Proximity Sensors
Automatically turns off the light source when the Lumin Wand is lifted higher than 6” from surface 3. Advanced Sensor Technology
Capable of detecting a user’s turn of the wrist. This safety feature will shut off the light source if a user attempts to turn the device away from a surface to protect the user. Note: Care should always be exercised with the utilization of Ultraviolet light.

All the other wands say they kill 99.9%, why is Lumin Wand special?

Buyer Beware! The required contact time to reach the kill percentage on a label for some competing wands can be over 5 minutes of exposure time. A typical LED light is 8-10mm or ¼”. Imagine waiting 5 minutes for every ¼” of disinfecting area. A 36” countertop workspace would take 4 hours to disinfect! Simply put that 99.9% is just not “real world” feasible. Compare with Lumin Wand, with efficacy testing based on only seconds of exposure, versus minutes for competing devices

Why isnt the bulb in Lumin Wand replaceable?

Lumin Wand’s UVC lamp is rated up to 8000 hours. With typical use at about 5 minutes per day, your Lumin Wand light source should deliver over 10 years of use and will outlive the life of the device.

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