Sleep Mask Supplies: What do I need?

You’ve just been diagnosed with sleep apnea, your doctor recommends getting a sleep machine. You have a million and one questions about this new condition that you have been diagnosed with, one certainly being what are supplies? What do you need to purchase and how does it all work?

In this post we’re going to break down exactly what you need to buy for your sleep machine. As well as referencing to let you know when your items need to be replaced.

Sleep Mask

The mask is the actual apparatus which you breath from. It is connected to your sleep machine through a series of tubes which supply positive pressure oxygen which you breathe while asleep.

Choosing your mask is a very personal choice as there are many sizes and shapes, you should select one that has a good fit and no leaks. If it leaks, the mask won’t be properly delivering oxygen to you. If it isn’t comfortable, odds are you won’t want to wear it (remember you have to sleep with the device on your face).

Try a variety of sleep masks, even purchase more than one at a time, the National Sleep Foundation has found through sleep studies that even with maximal attention to mask/pillow fit prior to the first night, about 10-15% of the time patients may have an issue with irritation, air leaks or discomfort and may need to make a change over the first few weeks to optimize adaptation. Give yourself a number of choices so that you can find the one that fits best for you.

Masks should be replaced every three months. Replace your mask earlier if you’re experiencing excessive leaks or have trouble sleeping with it on.

a woman wearing a mask - Sleep Mask Supplies
You have to be able to sleep comfortably with your sleep mask, therefore finding the right mask is essential

Headgear and Cushions

The headgear portion of your fits around the mask and fastens it to your head. It ensures that the mask stays firmly on your face. The cushions fit inside of your mask to help provide comfort during use.

The main purposes of these pieces are based around functionality and comfort. They ensure that your machine functions properly as well as making sure that you feel comfortable using them.

Headgear should be replaced every six months. Your cushions should be replaced in step with your mask. Cushions that need replacing may turn opaque, change color or become stiff and cracked. Headgear that needs replacing is usually stretched out and you find yourself having to tighten it excessively.


Hoses carry oxygen from your machine to your mask. They should be replaced every three months. Hoses in need of replacing are usually opaque or discolored in some way and may even display small cracks.


Air filters insure that the air which is being carried to you via your is clean and free from irritants and allergens. Replace your filters twice a month, or when they start to show signs of wear and discoloration.


Humidifiers help to warm and moisten the air that you breathe. They can make for a more pleasant experience. Replace your humidifier every six months, humidifiers that need replacing will have cracks, pitted areas, or discoloration. Remember to change your water everyday.


The Lumin UV cleaner
Lumin is a cleaning tool for your sleep mask

The above listed items are all the basic essentials for your to function. However, here at Lumin we provide innovative products to help you get the most out of your sleep mask.

  • Ultra Noir Tubing: Standard tubing compatible with all masks while delivering quiet performance and superior flexibility.
  • Aloe Wipes: 80 wipes per pack Fragrance free wipes are gentle enough to use for daily cleaning of masks, tubing and accessories.
  • Citrus Wipes: 80- wipes per pack Fresh citrus scent wipes are the perfect addition for quick daily cleaning of your masks, tubing and accessories.

In addition to replacing your supplies on schedule, you will have to make sure that you clean them regularly. Here’s where Lumin can help you again! Our Lumin uses UV rays help you to clean your machine and supplies safely, easily and effectively.

To learn more about Lumin contact us or discover more about sleep apnea on our blog.

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