UV Light Disinfection for Hospitals & Why It Matters

UV light disinfection is revolutionizing the way hospitals sanitize healthcare facilities and operating rooms. And for good reason! 

In fact, when it comes to the safety of both patients and doctors, UV light disinfection for hospitals is one of the best ways to neutralize germs and keep everyone healthy. 

In this article, get ready to shed some light on the importance of UV light technology in the medical field, discover how hospitals are utilizing UV light to reduce infections, facility costs, as well as overall patient health, and learn how you can harness the power of UV light for yourself.

In order to understand this technology, let’s first look at the different forms of UV lights. 

3 Types of UV Light

UV light is electromagnetic radiation that was originally derived from the sun. The most common forms we see include UV-A, UV-B, and most importantly UV-C light. 

  • UV-A: Long light waves that are not shielded by the ozone layer.
  • UV-B: Medium light waves that are partially absorbed by the ozone layer.
  • UV-C: Short light waves that do not penetrate the ozone layer.


UV Light Disinfection for hospitals


When referencing the use of UV light technology in sanitization, we will be referring to UV-C light as it has immense benefits in the disinfection process in healthcare facilities.


How UV Light Disinfection Works for Sanitation


UV-C light was first used to penetrate the cell wall of various organisms and impact their structures so that the organism was no longer able to function or proliferate. 

This technology was useful in bacterial and viral pathogens, with the unique ability to prevent the pathogen’s reproduction that would lead to infection in a patient. 

Over the decades, UV-C light technology experienced an evolution in both the clinical setting for the treatments of disease, as well as the sanitization industry for sterile facilities. Recently, UV-C light sanitization coined the term ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI).


healthcare facility cleaning

UV-C Light Cleans and Disinfects Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to sanitation practices, it’s always important to keep a hospital as clean and germ-free as possible. Unfortunately, healthcare acquired infections (HAI’s) are the #4 leading causes of death in Canada, meaning that unclean facilities result in unintended deaths. 

That’s where UV light disinfection comes into play.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods that don’t carry the same effectiveness and expose patients with compromised immune systems to harsh chemicals, UV light disinfection eradicates germs, viruses, and bacteria on the spot. Furthermore, UV light tools come in all shapes and sizes, so anyone can use them to safely counterbalance germs. 


Portable UV-C Systems in Hospitals

With the data supporting UV-C light as a highly effective germ neutralizer, UV disinfection tools have become some of the most trusted sanitizing instruments in the hospital setting, especially amidst the pandemic. 

For instance, portable UV-C systems, like the Lumin UV Box Sanitizer and the Lumin Wand, are being deployed in all of the crevices of the hospitals – from patient rooms to operating wards. Furthermore, 3B Medical’s technology has the ability to decontaminate important equipment like N-95 respirators!


And that’s not the only benefit offered by UV light disinfection for hospitals… 

How UV-C Technology Has Driven Facility Costs Down 

It’s no secret that, over this past year, hospitals and clinics have had a major supply chain dilemma in regards to getting the personal protection equipment (PPE) and other sterile equipment they have desperately needed.

When mask supplies stretched thin during the COVID-19 pandemic, UV-C technology became FDA-approved for hospital use and was able to bridge a gap by adding a sanitization method that could be used on masks and other equipment. This ultimately drove down costs of equipment for healthcare facilities, and gave a life extension to valuable resources.

Download Lumin LM3000 Bioburden Reduction PDF

UV Light Disinfection For Personal Use

Luckily, this UV-C technology is not available just to healthcare facilities – you can use it to safely sanitize your personal medical equipment and other handheld devices at home as well! 


Lumin UV-C Technology

3B Medical provides a wide array of products that are suitable for at-home use on everything from sleep technology equipment to everyday handheld items such as cell phones, wallets, and masks. 


Reduce Germs with Lumin UV-C Technology

If you are looking for alternatives to harsh chemical sanitizers and cleaners, you can rest assured that 3B Medical UV-C products provide a gold standard of disinfection and are readily available for your personal use.

The Lumin UV-C Sanitizer can deliver up to 2,000 mJ/cm2 using the 2 cycle protocol recommended by FDA. Irradiation reduction dose for COVID-19 has been determined by the CDC to be in the range of  200-1000 mJ/cm2. For more information on the power of UV light disinfection, check out our extensive research and testing

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